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"Virtual racing aficionados rejoice! Hill Climb Racing 2 comes to your gadget of choice with better gameplay and features. The game still employs the same concept as its well-loved precursor.

The objective of the game is still the same. Run your chosen course while getting coins along the way. The usual gameplay applies – don’t crash your car! Do stunts and flips and earn more coins. Rev up your engines along flat terrains and experience the thrills. You can still customize your rides. Upgrade the vehicles’ features and fine-tune your engines. You can now customize your driver avatar with rare items and body parts.

Better Gameplay, Better In-Game Experience

You will start out with the most basic vehicle in the game. This means your vehicle is not that responsive and is difficult to maneuver. It has acceptable features but you would like to upgrade it. This is because you want to improve the performance in the game. A better vehicle would get better chances to collect coins along the way.

Your initial vehicle status would also mean it would be difficult to control it as it careens and jumps obstacles. You might crash because you cannot control the vehicle as much as you want. You won’t be able to jump that well and the going will be slow. You might feel disappointed or dismayed with the performance.

The game retains its control system. Two buttons control the vehicle. On the left is the brake pedal and on the right is the gas pedal. You can floor the gas pedal when you are in the flat terrain. You can almost feel the air rustling through your hair. When you are going over hills, you need to gain a balance between your brakes and gas to get over them. You could almost feel your heart thumping like you’re facing the real thing.

There are three vehicles you can choose from. Choose among the scooter, the motorcycle/dirt bike and the monster truck/ jeep type vehicles. The scooter the dirt bikes are not advisable for high hill maneuvering. They are good for flat terrains though. Monster trucks are good for both flat terrain and bumpy hill action. They are also good for destroying obstacles and clearing paths.

The graphics are still acceptable. The game runs on 60fps, which allows for nice visuals and effects to sink in. It may be simple but it still packs a good entertainment value for racing game enthusiasts.


Hill Climb Racing 2 now has two modes. They are the Unlimited/ Endless Map and the new PVP mode.

In the Unlimited/ Endless Map mode, you compete against yourself and set the time to beat. You have the option to collect coins or not along the way. It’s about getting the best performance from your vehicle as you move through the maps.

In the new PVP mode, you will have to race against opponents and beat them to the finish line. Some people say that this is not a real PVP race. They say that the racers might be computer generated and not real gamers. Whatever it may be, it provides a more challenging experience for hooked players. Also in PVP mode, you can get chests and medals at the end of each race. These chests contain items and gold coins that you can use to upgrade your ride or your avatar.

There is also a league system in place in PVP mode. The higher you go in the PVP league the better chances to get rare items and rewards.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Hacks

The purpose of the game is to balance your vehicles and win races. There are times when you feel dismayed by the race results. There are times when you wish you had more coins to get better parts for your vehicle. These are the times you need your Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats.

Hill Climb Racing 2 free coins allow you to spend more for upgrading and unlocking vehicles in the game. You will now have the choice of choosing from all the vehicles at the start of every game. You will still have a lot left over to upgrade them all and enjoy beating the competition.

Hill Climb Racing 2 coins generator is easy to use and will not get you banned from the game. It will make the game more fun and enjoyable because you have unlimited resources to spend. These Hill Climb Racing 2 hacks would tilt the playing field (so to speak) in your favor. Best of all it supports all platforms and there is no need to jailbreak your devices.

Checkered Flag

Hill Climb Racing 2 Hacks would make the game more enjoyable. It is after all, a game that relies on physics and your ability to synchronize your pedals. Getting an advantage is good for gameplay and entertainment. Getting access to unlimited coins makes for better vehicle choices and a favorable playing field."

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