Rabbi Chay & Dina Amar

Rabbi Chay & Dina moved to Miami in 1995 and founded Chabad of Golden Beach in 1998. Rabbi Amar is a world renown lecturer who has spoken all around the world, inspiring thousands. In 2019 he wrote a book To Be or To Become? Develop the Power of Positive Perspective, Order your copy today online  

His wife, Dina, has been leading the women for more than two decades, teaching brides and giving hundreds of Torah classes.


Rabbi Menahem & Mushkie Elgrishi

Rabbi Menahem is the director of Yeshivat Ohr Amram, leading the learning and outreach programs, as well as the Rabbi of the Chabad Minyan. Contact him for any of your needs, including Torah study sessions, Bar Mitzvah lessons, Hebrew School, to check your Mezuzot and Tefilin, or any other need. 


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